UC Davis 2017 Big Bang Challenge Awards

UC Davis Big Bang! Biz Competition
2017 Challenge Awards
APPLICATIONS DUE: April 11, 2017 | 11:59PM

$25,000 in cash prizes for innovative solutions in science or business

Connecting aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs with business leaders, industry mentors and potential investors. New this year, the Challenge Awards for innovative solutions in specific areas of science or business add $25,000 in cash prizes.

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Executive summary, team bios, customer calls, video pitch and draft pitch deck must be submitted by April 11.
Pitch your Challenge Award entry to the corporate sponsor in May!

Syngas Challenge Award: $10,000
Sponsored by Sierra Energy

  • Awarded for a business concept around synthesis gas — or “syngas” — a product of gasification that can help in the processes of creating clean water, fertilizer, power and fuel. Your team should demonstrate a technology that can reasonably be made from synthesis gas, particularly those with a mixture of up to 30% hydrogen and 60% carbon monoxide. Preference given to realistic waste-derived synthetic gas compositions that include impurities and to experimentally validated solutions. Special consideration for technology that creates the highest-value end-product. Click here for details and technology parameters.

EVCO Challenge Award: $5,000 + present to company leadership
Sponsored by EVCO Plastics, Agricultural Division

  • Provide a compelling plan to transform and scale the agricultural division of EVCO Plastics, a multinational manufacturer of injection-molded plastic products. EVCO management believes that the agricultural division could be transformed through enhanced marketing, distribution and/or business approaches.

Gowan Co. and AGR Challenge Award: $5,000
Sponsored by Gowan Co. and AGR Partners

  • Intended for teams interested in increasing resource efficiency in agriculture or food systems, this Challenge Award will be given to a new or existing venture that demonstrates excellent promise to do “more with less” with resources (water, fertilizer, pesticides/herbicides and other resource additions).

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