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Where Great Ideas Are Growing…

The BlueTechValley is the world’s Water Hub, where great ideas and concepts unite to launch sustainable businesses focused on global growth opportunities related to start-ups and established companies, creating a rich context for testing, development, and commercializing of innovative water and energy technology.

Nestled in the heart of the nation’s top agricultural producing lands of Central California, The BlueTechValley is the premiere location to develop, test, launch and market the technologies that will make it possible to meet the ever increasing demands of food production relative to water and energy consumption and sustainability.

The BlueTechValley represents a unique set of assets and resources that make the region a hub of technology development, including The Water, Energy and Technology Center which offers state -of the art water and energy test facilities and business acceleration and launch support, a comprehensive network of industry leaders, economic development professionals and university faculty all aligned to turn entrepreneurial ideas and visions into solutions that spur innovation and growth in managing our finite resources: water and energy.